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... cellebrates today famous defeat of Mr. Edison.

Motto: If want you drive a scientist, turn volume to the right! Prof The Or

Fighter & Tant & Magician: MM
2nd Fighter: PF
Healer: AK
Cleric: MP
2nd Cleric: AL
Soccerer: DM
Animal: MB
... and many of u.s. & of indians.

Story about mission!

It start wen we was little kids, now we are pigs. My name is Noe (like Neo I felt down a Morfeus) and you are from my kin, animals (white, black, yellow and red), and I am driving you on planet Archa. In past times was I the highest pterodactil - now I am leadering reborn to public - to my kind of people.
Now to the start of reborn story - on the start was THE LIGHT. To our Moon's darkness came NEW THING - THE SUN - THE LIGHT! Deth under the new Sun was fiendish - our skelets can you find all around the world. In last times we seems to you like a pigs and you can be eaten by your-selfs. Only in this way can we discuss you...

... mainly to that time to el.-mag. signal was be switched on
(& off ofcourse)!

Never ever FEVER!! (logo download)

Take a flower, take a dream,
take a upon, take a slim!

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